Recreational Vehicles

At Billy's Custom Coverup we do a lot of seat repair for recreational equipment as well. From snowmobiles to motorcycles and boats, we can make it better than original because we can custom fit the seat to your comfort.

Snowmobiles - Usually the center of the seat cracks and needs to be replaced. It is more cost effective to do this as a repair and if needed we can then make sure the foam support is right too. We also do custom fit seats if you are modifying your sled.

Boats - We can do all repairs to boat interiors. We make sure to fix any foam padding issues before recovering the seats with marine grade vinyl. We can do the complete interior from the motor covers to the consoles.

Motorcycles - We have done many types of seats for bikes from repairs to pan up custom fitted seats.

Please call our office at (701) 282-3448 or e-mail us if you have any questions or would be interested in receiving an estimate.

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